JF Susbielle

Jean-François Susbielle is a French engineer (Ingénieur civil des Mines) and a Political Sciences graduate (Sciences Po Paris – International relations.)

He has worked in electronics (military, scientific, space) and Telecom before joining  the on-line scene in the 90’s.

He has written 8 books and teaches geopolitics, innovation and competitive intelligence. He is now a consultant.

Internet, VoIP

In 1996 and 2000, he wrote the very first technical books on VoIP, real-time and multimedia applications over the Internet.


INTERNET Telephony                                         Multimedia INTERNET                                        Eyrolles, 300 pages, Oct. 1996                                                    Eyrolles, 750 pages Feb. 2000

 Finance and VC advisor








Trading Stocks over the Internet (Eyrolles, Ed. d’Organisation 400p, 2001)

 Techno-thriller, fiction

“La Morsure du Dragon” (The Bite of the Dragon) by JF Susbielle was a best-seller in France in both hard-copy (First Editions 2005) and paperback (Points Seuil 2007).

It is one of the first fictional pieces about the great confrontation of the 21st Century, that between China and the USA.
Often compared to the works of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum and Michael Crichton, the book has been considered by a major production house for a movie adaptation.

Geopolitics and geo-economics

Since 2006, JF Susbielle has written a series of non-fictional geopolitical essays focussed on China-USA relations, the shift of power from the West to Asia, the future of Europe.

  •  « China-USA, the inevitable war », Essay   Editions First, march 2006, 450 pages   « China-USA : Der programmierte Krieg » Propyläen 2007  Best Seller in France / Germany
  •  « The warring states»   Essay   Best Seller March 2008, 550 pages First Editions.
  •  « The decline of the European empire » Essay   April 2009, 320 pages, First Editions



He teaches International Relations at Sciences-Po Paris, at Grenoble Ecole de Management and Paris Ecole de Guerre Economique